Virtual private network, also known as virtual private network (English: Virtual Private Network, VPN for short), is a communication method commonly used in connecting private networks between large enterprises or groups. The information of the virtual private network transmits the network information of the intranet through a public network structure (for example: the Internet). It uses the encrypted tunneling protocol to achieve the private message security effects such as confidentiality, sender authentication, and message accuracy. This technology can use insecure networks (such as the Internet) to transmit reliable and secure messages. It should be noted that whether the message is encrypted or not can be controlled. Virtual private network messages that are not encrypted are still in danger of being stolen.

Plan A.

  • Set up employees to connect to the company’s intranet VPN server at any location
  • Installation and configuration, plus 50 e-certificates (HK$1500)
  • vpn server (HK$2400)


Plan B.

  HK $1500up < /span>
  • Set up 2 virtual intranet VPN servers
  • vpn client router
  • Installation and configuration (HK$1500)
  • vpn server (HK$2400)
  • vpn client router(HK$500)
Plan A + Plan B.

  HK $2000up
  • vpn server + vpn client router + 50 employee connection e-certificates
  • Installation and configuration, plus 50 e-certificates (HK$2000)
  • vpn server fee (HK$2400)
  • vpn client router(HK$500)
Plan C.

  Welcome to call for details
  • Set up a multipoint virtual intranet VPN server
  • Multiple vpn client router