Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Settings

Create email accounts Guide

Step 1: First, open the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.

Step 2:(1)Click“Tools”.(2)Then click “E-mail account.”


Step 3:(1)First choose“View or change existing e-mail account.” .(2)Then click“Next”.


Step 4:

(1)『POP3』.(2)Then Click “Next”.


Step 5:



•  Your Name : xxxx Arbitrary input
•  Email addresses : xxxx @ Enter your email addresses
•  User name : xxxx @ As above
•  Password: xxxx Enter your email password
•  Incoming mail server (POP3): Enter “Pop” and “.” and “your domain name”
• Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp . Enter “smtp” and “.” and “Your domain name”
•  Click “Other Settings”  


Step 6:

(1)Choose“Outgoing Server”.(2) Choose“My outgoing server SMTP requires authentication”(3) and Click“OK”


Step 7:

(1)Click“General”(2)In “Mail account “spaces, enter the name of the account you want to “show”.(3)and Click “OK”


Step 8:

(1)Click “Next”.


Step 9:

(1)Click “Finish”.


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